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Devizes Shopwatch is a scheme that allows participating shop owners to share information about current shoplifters and anti-social behaviour.

If you are not yet a registered user please select "create an account" from the menu on the right.

The objectives are:-

  • To tackle and prevent retail crime and anti-social behaviour through effective communication and the prompt reporting of retail crime, anti-social behaviour and criminal activity.
  • To promote a sense of security for customers and staff.
  • To improve police/shopkeeper liaison by providing effective communications using secure communications.

Members/participants in the scheme agree that information will not be shared outside the group and that GDPR confidentiality protocols must be in place.

Participants agree that their contact information will be shared with other members of the group.

By signing up to membership you are agreeing NOT to share anything outside the Group without prior authorisation.  A breach of Data Protection and GDPR Legislation is a Criminal Offence.

Please can you give us a mobile number so we can add you to the WhatsApp Group.  Thanks.

Devizes CCTV (DDP) & WCS Ltd are registered Data Bureau and as such are authorised to process secure data.